Being for Ukraine


Our mission: Being for Ukraine

The war, which has been going on in Ukraine for eight years and has reached a tragic magnitude since February 24, 2022, took away people's confidence in the future, destroyed relationships, and took away their familiar home, absent of any comfort.

Now we are urging citizens of other countries to help Ukrainians so that they feel the support they need today. We must unite to realize the desire to help people, to unite.

To offer the opportunity to share the comfort with people who have lost them when they were in a hurry and left their own homes without almost anything.

Today, where we live, Cherkasy is a transit city and our task is to realize for refugees conviviality and comfort, to give hope, to provide a warm welcome, and create comfortable living conditions.

Now that the whole world knows about Ukraine, we intend to provide opportunities for people all over the world to be with Ukraine and to take part in Be4U.

Our fund Be4U offers the opportunity to create comfort, conviviality, warmth, and hope from all over the world. In peacetime, we will be pleased to invite everyone who has joined the development of our fund to Ukraine.

Anyone can be a part of a large and powerful program of aid and support for internally displaced persons and refugees affected during the large-scale war with the Russian Federation.

We have everything to win together, not only in the war but in everyone's soul.

A home, comfortable and cozy conditions give everyone an inner sense of victory.

The Franckens family

Who we are?

We are a Belgian-Ukrainian family (Kris and Lena) who have been living in Cherkassy,Ukraine for most of our time since 2010.

We try to use our network to offer help to the refugees in Cherkasy city.

We do this both through collection campaigns from goods in Belgium/all over the world and through our help on the spot with the support and reception of refugees from the eastern provinces.

Collection items in Belgium will be brought in our own trucks straight to our city Cherkasy where we receive the goods and supply further where needed.

Donations are used to buy neither in Belgium/Europe nor Ukraine big amounts of materials on strong reduced prices.

What do we do local and why?

1-supply and distribution of received goods

2-purchase and supply and distribution of medicaments

Like most people who make a donation, I also want to know where my contribution goes. That's why we're going to help locally, we can act locally and control things which makes me feel much safer that our contribution also is a REAL contribution!

In addition, we have had our fund officially ratified and registered in Ukraine.

What is needed?

  • With the donations we buy goods in Ukraine, these are mainly the medicaments and the shortages of the day. Donations give us the opportunity to place large orders at a discounted price.

  • We collect materials together with Flanders for Ukraine in Stabroek

  • There is also a first collection point in Geel Ten aard (Belgium) on the 6th and 7th of May, details can be found on Facebook Geelse vrienden hebben een hart voor Oekraine.

  • We are ready to receive goods from other countries and help with assistance on the boarder and logistics.

If you'd like to buy things yourself, you can get some ideas here:

For mothers with small children

  • pampers (sizes 1,2,3,4,5,6)

  • products for personal hygiene

  • milkreplacer for kids

  • food for kids


  • canned food (fish, meat, pasta)

  • long-term preservation foods

  • food for dogs and cats

The many other needs

  • Beds

  • bed linen

  • towels

  • kid beds

  • pillows

  • soft carpets for children to play on

  • good tables for the kitchen (cooking and eating)

  • folding chairs

  • generators

  • freezers for storing products during summer

  • hobs

  • pots and pans

  • dishes, cups, and kitchen stuff

How can you support Ukraine?

We are grateful for any donations. If you'd like to support our mission you can send a SWIFT payment to the following bank accounts in the corresponding currency.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please write us in Messenger

We are open to any suggestions and your feedback.

Do not hesitate to write us.